What Makes Maerble Tape Measure An Ideal Choice For Tape Measures

Are you sick and tired of your old, rusty, bendy, and irritating tape measure? No need to search because the best on the market is the Maerble Tape Measure. I've spent much time searching for a kind of tape measure which could address my needs as a user, then I discovered the product. I just can’t wait for you to know very well what this product is.Not like other tape measures that bend, this product remains stiff even when you extend it up to 10 feet. Indeed, it is unique! When measuring a thing involves the hassle due to the bending tape, work takes more time. With a width of 25 mm and a length of 25 feet or 7.5 meters, you're surely going to do many things. Now, you can measure broad spaces without problem. It also has a self-lock feature to keep you safe from the tape suddenly retracting. If you want to lock it, all you have to do is release any of the buttons located at the front side and front rear of the tape measure. The buttons are positioned in such areas to make it easier for the users to keep its lock when they have to. This tool will not give you problems.

Furthermore, I love the look of this product. Right after having fallen many times, nothing was damaged. The rubber and plastic around it makes it less affected by any fall. It also has nylon cladding blade made to improve resistance from corrosion and wear up to five times than the normal nylon. There is a clip on it so you can attach it to your clothes when you really need your hands to do something else. You can attach the tape measure around the wrist by putting the strap on. The dimensions are 90x80x42, so you can bring it everywhere. The most precious thing about it is that there is a complete set of metric values on the product for everyone. Centimeters, meters, millimiters, and feet all these metric values are present in the Maerble Tape Measure.

If the purchaser is not sure of it yet, there is a money-back guarantee for up to 1 year if the product did not meet expectations. For me personally, Maerble Tape Measure is the best that you can have. With this particular product, you will be provided lots of features you need. Is measuring part of your job? This is the tool for you. I've purchased many tape measures but I want to say this is the right one on the market. There is nothing to worry about the price of the product. Amazingly, it competes with other brands’ prices. It’s just shocking. Just imagine how great it is having a very useful tape measure at a really low cost. Excited to experience what I'm speaking about? Try the product now!



How To Access Facebook In China

Facebook has revolutionized interactions globally. It has made our world a little global village and information is disseminated very fast. Revolutions have been started from social media, and the free flow of ideas continues to spur different movements. To some, Facebook has become an everyday necessity that they can’t do without. But what if they travel to China - a country that has censored Facebook? Thankfully, there are means you can employ to bypass these limitations, and they are as outlined below:

Use A Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network is arguably the most effective way to circumvent the censorship and continue to enjoy social interactions seamlessly as if there wasn’t such a limitation. A VPN can route your traffic over China’s Great Firewall, enabling you to visit facebook.com as well as other sites that have been censored. It is important that the user accesses and acquaints himself with a chosen VPN software before setting foot in China soil because the Chinese government always attempts to block Virtual Private Networks - meaning, not all Virtual Private Networks are going to work well in the country. In the same breath, you should do your homework and find a VPN that will work well in China.

There are different VPNs, and they are of different speeds, costs, and different host countries. Choose one with the preferred specifications – but first ascertain that the preferred VPN works well in China. After you’ve chosen the right software, connect to the available network where you’ll find Facebook. You may then enjoy all that Facebook has to offer.

Install Tor Browser

Another popular way to bypass the censorship and enjoy Facebook is to install the Tor browser. The Tor browser is free. However, it is not easy as there are some serious setbacks, for example, with the method, you’ll only access the browser version of Facebook.com. The Tor browser also restricts bandwidth, meaning, it will be difficult to watch videos. Also, the browser is not supported by other operating systems, for example, Apple iOS.

Proxy Services

Most proxy services are free and you can use them to outwit the draconian Chinese government. However, if you are concerned with privacy and are wary of espionage, then this method is not ideal for you as free proxy services sometimes tend to spy on users. Also, it is not given you’ll succeed in circumventing the censorship as the Chinese government is working hard to block most proxies.

Roaming Data Service

If you travel to China with your smartphone, then you might be able to access the internet with the aid of the roaming data mode. That is possible as roaming data is usually routed through the home country’s servers before being sent back to the present location of the user. This way, China censors can’t block it. The downsides are that roaming data are sometimes very expensive. It is important to check the carrier rates and details before using the method as it might cost you a lot of money. It is also noteworthy that the method can’t work on a laptop or PC that isn’t connected to a mobile data line.

Access Facebook From China Using An iPad Or iPhone

The good news to owners of iPhones or iPads is that iPads and iPhones don’t need any special setup to reach Facebook as they feature an exclusive software that helps you access Facebook without any hurdles. Therefore, iPad and iPhone users don’t have to look for proxy software technologies or VPN networks to access Facebook.

Try the listed methods and you’ll outsmart any attempt to limit your enjoyment of what Facebook offers.



Online Election Software Is Changing The Way We Vote

Imagine a scenario, its election day in your organisation, you don't want to get up early from the bed, but you need to, otherwise you would have to stand in long queue and wait for hours. Already feeling irritated, right? More over, you may find travelling long distances for voting, a very overwhelming task too. Yes, indeed it is! Many people face the same scenario on the election day and result is, that voter turnout becomes very low. Many people still doesn't realise the importance of voting and their laziness or unavailability makes it impossible for them to vote. But now, imagine a scenario again of an election day at your organisation, you simply getup, pickup your phone and some click-clicks and done, you have voted successfully! Sounds simply wow, right? How wonderful to have such an online voting system! Adopting this kind of system, would be boon for both the organisation and the voters, as well.

The benefits of having an online elections are numerous. Having a paper ballot election, need lots of organising work to be done on part of the organisations. They have to arrange for the ballet system, print the ballet sheets, arrange for the security systems, and keep pushing and motivating people to come and vote, and then again comes the counting process, a hectic and difficult work which needs constant monitoring. Having a simple software for voting, would rule out all of this organising work as well as save lots of time and energy for some other productive works. It is a green way to conduct the elections with no use of papers and other materials. Also, how easy would it be to have your results instantly and saving that hectic work of counting with all the work done automatically by the software!

Also as a voter, it would be a lot easier too for anyone to vote with elections been conducted online. It is not even an unaccessible way since internet is no more a niche, in fact internet is sort of omnipresent today. You just need to have a device connected to it and its done. You don't have to travel, which would save a lot of time, energy and fuel too. Another reason of being a green way to conduct the elections online. Wherever you travel in world, you would be able to vote by a simple app on your iOS or Android device. And you would no more be called an 'irresponsible member' of an organisation for being not turning up for voting! Don't you find such an online election system tempting? Yes, you sure must be! It is all about advantages and almost no cons to it.

Want such a system for your organisation too? Then don't worry, there is already an expert service provider available for this: ElectionRunner.com. This software has some amazing features which will make the election experience a happy and smooth one, for both the organisation and the voters. With a very secured voting system which is based on unique voter id and voter key which allows a voter to vote only once and a very high security encryption system which will keep the ballet secure too, it is a perfect one. Also it is both desktop and mobile friendly which makes it possible for your voters to vote from any location. It will also a help your organisation in adding some personal touch to your elections, by way of customisation such as company logos, colours etc. Also no need to worry about the setup, as it is very easy and user friendly and 'Electionrunner.com' has an amazing customer support all ready for your help. And with automatic result calculations, what more can one want? So go visit Electionrunner.com and adopt it as your efficient and effective online election organiser for your organisation!


What You Need To Know About The Serta Sleep Excellence Avesta Memory Foam Mattress Queen

A good queen sized memory foam mattress can do wonders for your sleep. They promote healthy sleep by keeping you comfortable and working in ways that reduce the amount of pressure on your body. They do quite a bit to make them worth the price tag associated with them. Here`s a look at the Serta Sleep Excellence Avesta queen size memory foam mattress available at Sam`s Club.

Serta are one of the most recognised names when it comes to mattresses, and especially memory foam mattresses. If it has Serta on it then you can practically guarantee that you`re getting a quality mattress. The Avesta is no different.

It`s also a pretty good thickness for a queen sized memory foam mattress. The thickness of a memory foam mattress is relevant to the quality of it. The budget mattresses are about six inches thick with the top quality ones being twelve inches thick. Ten inches is closer to quality. That does mean that this mattress has a higher price tag than the average memory foam mattress, but it is also of a higher quality. If you`re willing to pay more for quality you`re willing to put aside the price tag.

An example of the quality associated with this queen size mattress, and other Serta mattresses, is that the mattress uses Serta`s own exclusive Cool Action gel memory foam. It also makes use of their TrueSense design. This unique combination of supporting memory foam and an advanced memory foam brings the ultimate in sleeping experience. The mattress hugs your body and stops motion transfer between partners. The movement of one person won`t even be felt by the other person.

It`s an ideal blend of quality and luxury that comes in three layers of foam. The first layer is the 2 inch thick Cool Action foam. It relieves pressure on your joints and pressure points and works to keep you cool during the night and at the optimum temperature for sleep.

The second layer of this queen size memory foam mattress is another two inch layer. This one is the PillowSoft layer that really cushions the body and does the bulk of the pressure relieving. These two layers rest on top of the six inch thick ComfortLast foam core. It`s the best Serta has to offer in terms of long lasting comfort to help you sleep soundly at night. It fits with nearly any base and is a perfect addition to a bedroom.



How Is Key Duplication Done?

A professional locksmith offers years of experience, in-depth training, and unique expertise for handling an array of automotive, residential, and commercial service issues. Some of the common types of jobs performed by a licensed locksmith include emergency lockout services, new lock installation for doors and windows, transponder key programming, and key duplication.

What Is Key Duplication?

Duplicating a key may not seem difficult. However, depending on the type of key and lock, as well as other factors, this is something that only a qualified locksmith should do. Without the right skill, key duplication could turn disastrous. For instance, if someone without the right qualifications duplicates an automotive key and something goes wrong, you would be without a key and be required to pay a significant amount of money for a new key from the manufacturer and possibly to have damage to the ignition repaired.

Specialized Skills

By hiring a reputable locksmith for key duplication, you have the confidence of precise cutting. To accomplish an exact duplication, a skilled locksmith relies on experience and training, as well as advanced robotics. The result is a key that fits and works seamlessly.

Remember, not all key blanks and key duplication equipment are the same. Therefore, an established professional will use only the best for both coupled with the fine art of key duplication skills.

To assist, the locksmith will start by looking at the quality and strength of the blank, which is critical for key duplication. You will notice the cost of key duplication is less when a hardware or home improvement store does the work. In this case, the stores use blanks of cheap alloy, which tend to bend and break relatively easy. In comparison, a reputable locksmith uses blanks made of strong metals that last for years.

Precise Duplication

In addition, a licensed locksmith who performs key duplication services uses exacting key specifications, as well as tight tolerances. As a result, you end up with a strong and secure key that fits perfectly. As part of the key duplication process, the locksmith uses high-quality key cutting equipment and key machines. These machines boast accurate adjustment mechanisms, powerful motors, and quality cutting wheels.

Combined, the equipment produces smooth mills and exact grooves.

Without using the services of a qualified locksmith for key duplication purposes, there is the risk of something going wrong. As an example, if the duplicated key does not have all the right grooves and you try to unlock a door or start the engine of your car, the key could become stuck. Then, as you wiggle the key back and forth to release it, it completely breaks off. Now, the locksmith needs to perform very different services, which can be costly.



Using An Event Log Correlation Engine To Proactively Deal With Security Threats

Whether you have had security breaches in the past or you want to be proactive about it, you should learn about the benefits of using an event log correlation engine to detect threats and deal with them before they become a problem.

Benefiting From Real Time Event Correlation

With countless events running in the logs each minute, it can be hard for even the most experienced security expert to make sense of what is happening and to correlate them to formulate attacks. In many cases, the hacker may have already breached the database and stolen sensitive data before the security investigators even got the chance to realize what is happening. With RIN IT event log correlation software your experts will benefit from real time event correlation which will make it easier for them to identify threats and deal with them before they even happen.

Automate Event Correlating Processes And Minimize Manual Intervention

Your security investigators won’t have to look at logs from all the devices you own, as these will be collected and centralized by the correlation engine. This software will also build relationships between events happening in the entire IT infrastructure and give your intervention team a complete scope of potential security threats. Because your IT team won’t have to manually formulate attacks and intervene manually they will be better able to be proactive about security threats and minimize or even eliminate the chances of having major security breaches that can affect your enterprise.

Connecting Security Threats Across Multiple Platforms

The event log correlation engine will connect various events across multiple platforms and check them against the built in correlation rules. These correlation rules will look for security issues and check user access, user creation, file integrity, unauthorized software installation and more. With the help of the correlation engine your security experts will be able to detect anomalies within the network and be notified in real time about violations or breaches.

Create Custom Alert Patterns

With the help of a correlation engine your IT professionals will also be able to create attack patterns so as to protect your network infrastructure against attacks which target vulnerabilities. Your experts can create attack patterns which are more likely to appear from a simple and intuitive interface.

Keep your business’ network infrastructure safe from security threats and minimize manual intervention by being proactive with the help of event log correlation software.



How Does Cell Phone Directories Work?

Reverse phone lookup sites such as the AnyWho.com, Addresses.com and WhitePages.com offer free Reverse phone lookup services for landline phone numbers. However, reverse phone lookup service do not come free for the cell phone numbers. In fact, in the event we talk of mobile phones the entire concept of reverse phone number lookup changes.

The landline numbers are issued by an interlocking system of regional phone companies while the cell phone numbers are issued by the individual cell phone companies. This makes it very difficult to access cell phone numbers and their use information. Most people treasure privacy. The same happens to mobile phone holders who treasure privacy so much that they do not want to disclose their phone numbers anyhow to people more so if they don’t understand the valid reason to do so.

In spite of the fact that most cell phone users do not want to be disturbed, others- specifically those who have stopped seeking the services of landline phones- would find an online directory or the reverse phone number lookup useful when they want to access the phone contacts of their friends and family members. The reverse phone number lookup service also becomes handy when the cell phone users want to dig out the unfamiliar number perturbing them or the suspicious number used to threaten them.

This Yahoo article clearly compares and reviews the best cell phone directories that can be found online today.

Carrying out Reverse Phone Number Lookup on the web

Despite the fact that the reverse cell phone number lookup is easy it is not free. To do a reverse lookup you are only required to type the text “reverse cell phone lookup” into the Google search engine or any other search engine most favourite to you. The results of the search involve the listings of the web sites which provide the reverse phone number lookup service. For you to get name and address of the user, you will be prompted to pay either a one-time fee which is around $15 or an yearly fee of about $ 40 or to cater for unlimited reverse phone searches. If the fee seems to be too high for you in one site, then move on and try another web site. In most cases the reputable sites will not charge you when there is no information yielded by the search.

The Popular reverse cell phone number lookup providers

Among the largest providers for the reverse cell phone number look up is Intelius Inc. This provider calls its service "Cell Phone Caller ID" and has a lot of information for each number which might include address, name, VoIP and business numbers for the phone number user.

To make phone numbers a easier to access in the future than it is now may seem to be logical but some people may view it as an intrusion of privacy. Early 2008, Intelius made an announcement that it had a large online directory of approximately 90 million mobile phone number users. About half of the users in the directory were from the United States. The Company was faced with the users’ privacy complaints and potential lawsuit by some wireless phone company. Faced with these challenges, it quickly had to discontinue the service. The company official noted that the market was not ready for the online cell phone directory.



The Health Benefits Of Turmeric

For hundreds of years, people in Asia have been using turmeric in order to not only cook delicious dishes, but also for its amazing health benefits. In recent times though, Western scientists have finally gotten the chance of analyzing turmeric and they were very surprised about what they have found. It seems that turmeric has very powerful disease fighting capabilities that has presently led to the development of various types of supplements which are available almost everywhere on the internet. So if you want to read more about the benefits of using turmeric, below we're going to focus more on them.

Where to get turmeric supplements

It's very important that everyone who is looking for the best curcumin supplement out there to do their research and only buy from the online store of their choice after they learned more about its reputation. The thing is that since turmeric has become so popular, a lot of people have started to come up with their own version of it which is generally less powerful and in many cases unhealthy compared to the original mixture. Therefore, you should try as much as you can to do some extensive research before placing your order.


Scientists have been heavily studying the positive effects turmeric has on the human body for many years now and they found out that the special enzyme called curcumin reduces inflammation in the body and at the same time it also strengthens the immune system. The results of their research have basically brought turmeric to the status of wonder drug and it can be now used for a wide range of ailments, including cuts, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and so forth.


There are many types of teas, poultices and also creams available on the market that are laced with turmeric powder and are therefore very healthy for the human body. Great care should be taken by those who decide to buy them, since many shady sellers, epically from Asia are selling them for a low price, but "forget" to mention they aren't the real deal. In some cases, they can even make you sick.

Bearing mind

While it's a good idea to include turmeric in your diet, y should make sure that you don't take too much of it, since this will only lead to side effects such as upset stomach, nausea, headaches and so forth. You should also tell your health provider if you want to start taking turmeric supplements.

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